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Get Pleasure from Peranakan Food

If you desire to be transported back in time in Jakarta, and eat in a Batavin Peranakan setting, stop by Kedai Tiga Nyonya, which is located at Jalan MT Haryono Kav 8, South Jakarta. This small restaurant serves ethnic Chinese Peranakan food (a mix of Chinese food and Indonesian food, with its own distinctive taste). Its décor is reminiscent of the 1900-s, just like the setting in film Cau Bau Kan, starring Ferry Salim and Lola Amaria, from the building, windows, floors, tables, drawers, doors, and lamps, all are unique. The waitresses wear Chinese costumes.

It is not difficult to find this restaurant. Besides its strategic location in Pancoran area, it has a huge parking lot, so you do not have to go round and round looking for a parking space. 

Once you enter this two-story tiny restaurant, Chinese Peranakan’s hospitality with Dutch colonial touch can be experienced. On the first floor, in one of the rooms, walls are decorated with lotus and tiger frescoes. In addition, there are large reproductions of antique photographs hung on the left walls. 

In the main room, there can be seen an antique mirror, with carved wooden frame. The carvings depict Chinese folklores, with mythologic animals, such as Phoenix. To enhance the Chinese Peranakan decor, dining chairs and tables have circular shape with bars as supports. There are also square tables with white tablecloths and matte paper. Against the wall, there stands an armoir, with holds traditional ornaments, such as jars, vases, and kerupuk (chips) tins.

On the second floor, there are two sets of tables and woods commonly placed on veranda or formal living room. The tables have octagonal shapes, identical with Ba Gwa shape. There is an antique door and Chinese-style drawers. In addition, there is an altar, which is used as a table for antique jars with their contents, such as keremes, kerupuk, and other snacks. Next to the jars, there are traditional Chinese food containers. There are a few bird cages, which hold lamps, hung to decorate the roof; very likely to make the atmosphere more enjoyable when the night falls.

Opened on December 17th, 2003, this food stall is popular among celebrities, fashion designers, young executives, and mainstream citizens longing for its one-of-a-kind setting. Peggy Melati Sukma and her boyfriend Teuku Zaki, Vira Yuniar, Dian Pramana Poetra, and many more visited this place. They like the atmosphere in addition to the delicious and fresh foods. All foods are kosher and healthy, no MSG used. The foods are a blend of Chinese and native Indonesian foods (hence Chinese Peranakan).

Available dishes range from nasi lemak, chicken, fish, meat, to sate and soto (soup). There are lontong cap gomeh, and for noodle lovers, there are bakmi goreng belacan (shrimp-paste fried noodles) and baso penanten. For drinks, they offer juice varieties, mango ice cream, raspberry ice, cing cau ice, bandrek, and ginger tea.

Its specialties include "Ikan Bakar 3 Nyonya" (Barbequed Fish), "Asam Asam Iga" (beef soup), and "Soka Salad Mangga" (salad with crab topping). "Ikan bakar 3 Nyonya" is grilled mackerel, which has thick meat and is very tasty.  "Not many restaurants serve this fish type," says Paul. This barbequed fish is served with sambel petis (a chili paste), and dabu-dabu (also a type of sambal). "Asam Asam Iga" is a type of beef soup with a freshening flavor, guaranteed to make your tongue dance. “Soka Salad Mangga" is a salad with small fried crabs topping. The crunchy crab toppings add exotic taste to the rather sour, refreshing salad. What a delight to my palate.

Bananas are bountiful for desserts: pisang gencet, pisang bakar, mixed fruit, and ice creams with different flavors.

I ordered "Asam Asam Iga", “Soka Salad Mangga", "Ikan Bakar 3 Nyonya", plus "Kangkung Belacan". For drinks, my companions ordered "Es Cingcau" and Hot Tea, I ordered "Teh Tarik" (warm tea with milk) twice. The "Teh Tarik" price was shocking to me: IDR 15.000 per glass. For all the food and drinks, total damage to my wallet was about IDR 300.000


Translated and Edited from Suara Pembaruan Online




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