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Bakso Malang Cak Patmo

The monsoon season lately makes it a perfect time to enjoy casual food below. If you do not feel well and would like to chow down a comfort food, try visiting Jalan Pegangsaan Timur No 19 B, Cikini, Central Jakarta. Here, you will find an Indonesian food with soup, which will freshen you.

As a matter of fact, the delectable taste does not depend on the weather. Regardless of the season, it is always the right time to enjoy the scrumptious Bakso Malang Asli (Malang True Meatball) and Somay Cak Patmo in that place, which is famous for its delicacy in the last 10 years. It all started from a family, who strived to produce Malang meatballs in early 1990s.

The name Cak Patmo used, is not the name of the owner. Rather, it is the name taken from its first location’s house number. It was in Jalan Malaka Raya No 45 Klender, East Jakarta, which number is pronounced “empat limo” in Javanese, and abbreviated as “patmo”. Cak means “Mister” in East Java language.

In the beginning, Ms. Sadiran (53) initiated this business. Her husband, Bapak Sadiran, who was a civil servant, was too busy with his work. Ibu Sadiran tried to cook food to sell in her garage, on the street side. Once, a group of government officials visited that place and Ibu Sadiran served her Bakso Malang. Because of its delectable taste, her Bakso Malang becomes a favorite among government officials.

Please come to her stall in the lawn of Lembaga Informasi Nasional building, right in the between Gereja Isa Almasih Jemaat Pegangsaan and Bioskop Megaria, Cikini, Central Jakarta. Here, you can enjoy an array of Bakso Malang, from Bakso daging urat (tendon), bakso goreng (fried), pangsit rebus and goreng (steam and fried wonton), and tofu. For bakso goreng, Ibu Sadiran blends it with shrimp, to make it more enjoyable. Pangsit is made of chicken. The price is reasonable, only Rp.7.500 per bowl.

The concept is self-service here. According to Nunik (22), Ibu Sadiran’s niece, who helps with the business, that is to attain more customer satisfaction. "Customers are kings, we let them take whatever they want to eat," she explains.

If you love fried shallots, you can sprinkle them on your Bakso Malang according to your taste. From selecting the Bakso variety to putting all the spices, it is up to the customers. "In a day, we use about 5 kilograms of shallots, excluding catering orders”, add Ibu Sadiran.

What separates Bakso Malang Cak Patmo from others, is the use of organic materials. Neither preservative nor food coloring is used. That is why their Bakso cannot go beyond 8 hours. They also do not use noodles for their Bakso. Ibu Sadiran says noodles alter the original taste of her Bakso Malang soup. Her Bakso Malang soup does not use animal fat, so that the soup does not become thick once it cools down.

The business is open from Monday to Saturday, from 05.00 pm. On Sundays, they open earlier at 09.00 am. If you would like to have the food delivered, you can contact 8609956, 8621678, and 8602291 with Mbak Ida. You can also order specialty menus, such as nasi begana, nasi bali, etc. Ibu Sadiran is always ready with her utensils.

Translated and Edited from Suara Pembaruan Online, March 7th, 2004



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